Division Wine Method Carbonique Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon 750ml

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Led by Kate Norris and Thomas Monroe, Division Winemaking Company crafts responsible wines with story and purpose.

Responsible Farming

Our wines come from responsibly farmed, terroir expressive vineyards in Oregon and Washington and eschew traditional wine barriers. 

Responsible Farming

Our wines come from responsibly farmed, terroir expressive vineyards in Oregon and Washington and eschew traditional wine barriers. 

Proudly Portland

We’ve been making wine in the heart of SE Portland since 2012.

Approachable, balanced, and unique wines from diverse grape varieties.

Our passion is working with responsibly-farmed, terroir-expressive vineyards, many of which are organic and/or Biodynamic®.

Our wines celebrate the varieties we love to drink, like Gamay, Chardonnay and Pinot noir.

Our story started with two young people noticing one a another across a kitchen, at a party, nearly 32 years ago. We both had plans that would place us in separate parts of the world, but whoever shuffles the deck wasn’t having it. Our paths continued to cross, as if the universe was asking, “Ready yet? How bout now?” If you believe in the fateful inevitably of certain things, you understand that fate has inexhaustible patience. Eventually we surrendered to our cosmic connection, threw our backpacks on, traveled to the American Virgin Islands for a season working in restaurants at night and crewing for a charter business during the day. We loved so much of that time, but it was not to be our home. We headed back to Minneapolis, where we had met and where our families were, got married in my sister’s backyard, and plotted our next chapter. In the fall, as winter was closing in, we loaded our meager possessions into a 1979 Ford Econoline Disco Van, resplendent with stripes on the sides, floor to ceiling baby blue marled shag carpeting, swivel captain chairs, bubble windows, a working eight-track player, and a box tapes that our van chewed up one by one. We arrived in the Pacific NW and instantly fell in love! We settled into SE Portland, raised two boys, cats, rats, fish and watched the city grow. Portland is our home. We love this city, and the ridiculous nature that surrounds it. We love our neighborhood that we never tire of exploring and in 2011, after over 30 years of working in restaurants, we opened a little corner wine shop, a short walk from our house. In 2016 we scooted the wine over and and added a bar. The hope was, from the beginning, to create a small corner of the world that operated in a way that made sense to us. Where everyone that proceeds with kindness, curiosity and sense of humor is welcome. Where people see one another and connect over a common love of wine, and countless other things. A place that just feels good! We love really love our shop and what it’s become and we hope you do too.


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