Hendry HRW Cabernet Sauvignon Napa California 750ml.

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All of the grapes for the HRW series wines come from our 117-acre Napa Valley vineyard. The grapes we use for the HRW are individual blocks or barrels that have a little less complexity and concentration than our Hendry label yet still represent a good value. In some vintages we make one variety, in others, several. (HRW stands for Hendry Ranch Winery, as these used to be our “ranch” wines for informal occasions.)

The Hendry family has been farming the same vineyard in Napa since 1939. The lessons learned in more than 70 harvests provide us with a level of knowledge and a connection to the land that is rare in Napa. The Hendry Ranch is composed of 114 acres of vineyard situated in the hills north west of Napa. This latitude in the valley experiences substantial marine influence, and allows us to grow 10 different varietals, each carefully distributed among our 47 vineyard blocks, each managed seperately according to specific combinations of soil, climate, varietal, and clone. To us, every block is a learning experience that teaches us about interactions among these variables, and how they influence fruit composition and wine quality. All Hendry wines are made from estate grapes. Through the subtle use of oak, and restraint in ripeness, our wines are crafted to highlight the terroir of the vineyard.

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