Las Jaras Cezanne Chenin Blanc Mendocino California 750ml



100% Chenin Blanc

Mendocino County

Produced + Bottled by Las Jaras Wines, Sebastopol, CA

Label Art by John Zabawa

Chenin Blanc is named after Joel’s daughter Cézanne, who – like this wine – has a big personality. We have always been obsessed with white wines that have savory and saline notes. Cézanne is that: fresh minerality dazzles the palate and then savory notes begin to shine through the gorgeously long finish. Typically, people look for wooly or linalool notes in California Chenin Blanc, but we wanted to achieve a flavor profile on par with our favorite mineral-laden Chenin Blancs from the Loire Valley.

The aromatics express crushed rock, toasted hazelnut, and lime skin while the palate is taut and builds through the attack revealing layer upon layer of mineral, quince, pippin apple, and lime. Enjoy the balance and textural sensations: roundness, minerality, and acidity. This wine is very refreshing and drinks quickly — make sure to allow time for the wine to open up before finishing the bottle!

At Las Jaras, our goal is to make delicious wine that has tons of energy and balance. We want them to be vibrant, delicate, and supple all at the same time while also being food friendly and easy for anyone to enjoy. Our wines are intended to reflect the unique terroir of the vineyards using minimal intervention so you can taste their natural, rhythmic expression. If you are not used to drinking wines made this way, the experience can be a revelation.
Our lighter wines can elevate your daily experiences. Bring the elegant bubbles of our Sparkling Wine to your best friends engagement party. Nestle the Rosé into your backpack for a trip to the park to watch an epic sunset. Pair the chilled Glou Glou with a margherita pizza to make takeout tastier. 
Our medium bodied reds pair with deep savory meals and create thought provoking moments. A holiday dinner includes a conversation about Carignan. The Cabernet Sauvignon is brought to your favorite restaurant to share a taste with your server. “Does this remind you of 70’s Napa?” And our Sweet Berry Wine demands explanation, inspires stories, and creates joy. For your Wine!
We are very excited to share our wines with you—there are more to come! 
Cheers, Joel & Eric

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