Vin de Terrasse Dry Winter Rose France 3L Box

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About the Box:
Five years ago, Rendi and her family started a tiny French wine importing/distribution company in Chicago - Anderson Ganne Wines. Last year, because of a tricky combination of wine tariffs AND a pandemic, they thought it was a perfect time to launch the long-loved idea to release a high-quality box wine.

She collaborated with an amazing designer and friend Aarika (from her past life in marketing) to create the design for Vin de Terrasse, which translates to "terrace/balcony wine." The name is fun, French, and conveys their sentiment that the wine is easy to enjoy. They then worked with three amazing wineries - that they already import bottles from - to bring this idea to life...and to you! Please enjoy the White, Red and/or Winter Rosé! 

Vin de Terrasse Winter Rosé
This rosé is a powerhouse. It’s a Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon blend made by the talented Domaine Gensac in the southwest of France. The nose is all about red fruit and the gift of dry red fruit keeps on giving with every sip.

About halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse lies the famous region of Armagnac and the Gers IGP. And right in the heart of it, is Domaine Gensac’s estate with a beautiful castle from the 13th century (Château de Gensac). Vines have been cultivated there for over 600 years!

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