Funkytown Cuffin Season Irish Red Ale 16 FL. OZ. 4PK Cans



5.4% ABV  |  20 IBU  |  4 x 16oz Cans

We’re SO excited to introduce the Funkytown Cuffin Season Irish Red Ale, the latest release from one of Chicago’s hottest new breweries.

Funkytown Brewing is a black owned Chicago startup that’s quickly making a name for themselves by selling out their last two releases, and with that much hype it’s even more impressive that their Cuffin Season Irish Red Ale exceeds our wildest expectations!

Sweet caramel and malt flavors warm your palate on the first sip, then make room for complex notes of tart berry and subtle dark chocolate finish that keeps you sipping all day.

The Funkytown Cuffin Season Irish Red Ale is a delightful cold weather beer with deep complexity, and we officially extend a warm welcome to these passionate Chicago brewers. Pickup a pack today, these are sure to sell out fast!

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