Bitter Pops Anniversary Burger

The Bitter Pops Anniversary burger celebrates the unique flavors of the Bitter Pops Kitchen, and highlights some of the collaborations we have with our great partners. We start with a swipe of our Honeycup Dijionaise on both sides of our famous toasted potato bun.  We then smash two all beef patties, add four slices of Boar’s Head crispy Extra Thick Cut Bacon, add Courage Lager Grilled Onions and top this goodness with our ooey gooey Courage Lager Beer Cheese Sauce. This beauty is served up on a small plate so as to not lose any cheese sauce that you might want to savor with your fries.

This burger isn't just a meal; it's a celebration of community, partnership, and eight incredible years of serving you. Each bite tells a story of local collaboration and the passion that goes into every product. Available ONLY during the month of April, so swing on by and join the celebrations this month!

Lavender is BACK!

Our housemade Lavender Syrup is a fan favorite. Its combination of high-quality ingredients, floral sweetness, and a hint of herbal complexity creates a perfect balance of flavor. 

Whether you prefer it in a latte, a refreshing iced coffee, or a decadent mocha, our premium housemade Lavender Syrup is the perfect addition to your favorite brew. Its aromatic charm will transport you to fields of blooming lavender with each sip, offering tranquility, relaxation, and delight with every cup.

NEW Regional Sandwich Miami Cubano

The Story(ies): It wouldn’t be a Regional Sandwich without a little bit of controversy. The Cubano will spark a heavy debate on who should claim ownership of the invention of the sandwich, Miami or Tampa. The truth is, while both can claim credit for transforming the sandwich into what it is today, the true origins of this sandwich hail from Cuba. There is a popular street food in Cuba called the “sandwich mixto” that consists of roasted pork, ham, pickles, cheese, and mustard served on Cuban bread. The mixto serves as the foundation of the Cubano sandwiches that later became popular in both Tampa and Miami. 

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