Join Our Crew.

At Bitter Pops, we have many opportunities for you to grow and develop your skills while having some fun too!

Areas where you can make
           a difference!


Do you love craft beer? Or, do unique wines, ciders, hard seltzers and coffee strike your fancy? Do you love to help people with their shopping experience? Whatever your passion, bring it. This is the wonderful world of Bitter Pops retail! We're continuously reinventing our retail experience as we seek to provide the ultimate Guest shopping experience!


Bitter Pops is a true neighborhood Taproom. When you become part of the Bitter Pops Taproom Crew, you become part of the personal connection that strengthens our relationship with our Guests, and the relationship that our Guests have with our Taproom and the products we serve. Every Guest interaction is another opportunity for us to enrich their experience.


Craft coffee made right. Bitter Pops Baristas are focused on creating great artisan beverages highlighting local Chicago roasters. Our roaster relationships deliver high quality local coffee into the hands of our Guests. At Bitter Pops, we look to procure the very best products so that we may be able to deliver the very best for our Guests!


Taking Taproom cuisine beyond. Innovative, inspired, and flavor focused, the BP kitchen Crew is elevating the Taproom dining experience. Thoughtfully designed menu, with many opportunities throughout the year to innovate and create as our Kitchen Crew will be the center of many Bitter Pops/Brewery/Winery/etc. partnership events! 

What We Value

Safety and Inclusive

We believe in a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace for everyone.

Team Players

We believe in Accountability, Personal Ownership and setting the next Crew member up for success.


We believe in striving for excellence in everything we do.

We look forward to hearing from you!