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Redeem Your Points In Our Taproom, Kitchen and Coffee Bar!


Reward: 20oz Courage Lager™ (7 Points)

The Bitter Pops Courage Lager™ is a staple in our Taproom. It is always available and delicious!

Tasting Notes:
- Light straw color, bright & crystal clear in appearance.

- Bready, herbal notes up front, followed by a ever so slight sweetness with a medium carb and dry finish.

- True lagering, which translates to more time spent cold to allow the subtle flavor nuances to shine through.

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Reward: 16oz Pint (8 Points)

The draft list in our Taproom is always rotating, and you can always spot some of our local brewery friends! 

There are few things better than rewarding yourself with a cold pint of beer! Cheers!

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Reward: 10oz Gobbie (8 Points)

Specialty craft beers from around the Nation and World are always being featured on tap. Many times you will find them available in a 10oz Gobbie pour especially if the beer is coming in at a higher ABV.

These are sippers, and you've earned it so sit back and enjoy!

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Reward: 5oz Tasting (4 Points)

This takes us back to the old Bitter Pops days when every beer was served in either one of these 5oz tasters or a 16oz pitcher that you poured into a 5oz taster. That being said, tasting beer is a big part of what we do here at Bitter Pops, and a 5oz pour is one of the best ways to experience new beers and new beer styles. After all “Every One Has A Story… Tap Yours!”

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Reward: Pop's Double Smashburger (10 Points)

This double patty smashburger is quickly becoming a Lakeview and Roscoe Village favorite.

DOUBLE PATTY. Comes with HoneyCup® dijonnaise, Courage™ Lager caramelized onions, and two slices of melted American cheese served on a toasted potato bun. Accompanied by our house-made pickle chips on the side.

Notes: All burgers served cook through. Cutlery is available for cutting your bugers. If you would like it to be a single the redeemable amount will be the same (10 Points).

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Reward: Two Bavarian Pretzels & Beer Cheese (13 Points)

A Taproom classic, two buttery German pretzels and a side of Courage Lager™ beer cheese. Yummmm!

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Coffee Bar Punch Card

Buy 10 Coffees and the 11th is FREE (Any Coffee or Tea)

* Tea purchases are also included.

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