Layback Sol Oasis Vodka Distilled from Grain 1L

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Layback Sol Oasis Vodka 80 Proof 750 ml.

Inspired by the mystique of mid seventies Joshua Tree and the majesty of Palm Springs circa the same era, Layback Spirits marries quality, taste and lifestyle to inspire and enliven casual drink to the most artfully crafted cocktail. Hailing from Vista, California Layback Spirits is shedding a new light and lifestyle to some of the oldest spirits categories in the world.


Matthew Henebery escaped the Potato Famine of 1849 in Ireland and migrated to the U.S.A. He found his home in Peoria, Illinois where he quickly learned the law of the land and opened his very own distillery.


We as a family learned the rich History and decided to make a leap of faith and resurrect the family name. We thoughtfully created our first Spirit, incorporated, and became wholesalers. 


We hit some great goals and milestones and jumped both feet in; we built our very own distillery, tasting room, event space and more. We are continuing to make the finest Spirits and can't wait to see what the future offers.

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