Cirelli La Collina Biologica Orange Vino Bianco Italy 750ml.

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The grapes are destemmed and transferred to a steel tank where maceration takes place for approximately 24 hours.
The grapes are separated from the must and sent to the press where they are gently pressed.

It is a project by an Abruzzese for Abruzzo that brings local wines into the world, certified BIO, which tell of a contemporary Abruzzo, far from stereotypes, prejudices and clichés.

Abruzzo is my land. She is my mother.
La Collina Biologica is my project for Abruzzo: selecting the best organic grapes and making territorial, authentic and contemporary wines while respecting traditions.
Traditions that tell the world about a land of a thousand rites, where men look straight into the eyes of the past, with respect, but without nostalgia. A land that knows how to be true to itself, but continually evolving, confident and contemporary.
Like our wines.

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