Mary Taylor Sun Lips Macabeo Orange Wine Spain 750ml




Tasting Notes: A vibrant feel and soft tannins. Notes of apricot, peach, chamomile, thyme, stoney minerality and beeswax.

Harvested from 100% indigenous Macabeo grape vines

Rus Jimenez is the owner of Finca el Molar, her work is certified organic, minimally invasive, from native yeast fermentations. 

Welcome to Mary Taylor Wine!  

Having worked with European wine for over two decades, I’ve come to love the nuance and diversity of Europe’s extraordinary wine regions, from the tiny villages of France and Italy, to the countryside vineyards of Portugal and Spain. As a result, I also love the European system of “place name” or “appellation,” which designates the geographical origin not just of wine, but cheese, olives, and butter as well.

To me, it’s the beautiful complexity of European wines that makes them so enjoyable. Even after all these years, I’m still endlessly fascinated by way each village’s expression reflects its own unique “terroir,” or sense of place. That said, I’m also well aware that the European model can be confusing for most Americans. With all those hard-to-pronounce names and unfamiliar regions, it’s no wonder that so many us look for a cartoon critter or a familiar grape on the label to guide us!

I created Mary Taylor Wine because I don’t think you should have to be a serious wine expert to experience the kind of honest, authentic wines that the Europeans have been enjoying for centuries.

Our simple White Label series is here to serve as your guide through the rural backroads and winding country lanes of the European wine route. Whenever you open one of our bottles, you’ll know you’re getting more than just another commercial brand or standard Chardonnay or Merlot. That’s because every Mary Taylor Wine is a genuine “wine of place,” sourced from some of Europe’s most classic regions and, best of all, priced according to the “Old World” view of wine as an accessible everyday luxury.   Cheers!  Mary

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