Andre Heucq Heritage Assemblage Extra Brut Champagne France 750ml.

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The gold color is intense enough and brought to life from beautiful doubled effervescence of abundant foam. The nose describes candied fruit, bread, mead then white pepper, and herbal tea after aeration. There is greate complexity between the aromas of youth and cellar aging. The attack on the palate is fresh, then the wine is intensified, voluminous, and balanced by pleasant sourness. In the second part of the mouth appears a slightly full-bodied character while the dosage is always held back. The high quality of the effervescence generates a creamy texture. The finish is long (8 to 9 seconds) and complex (sourness, dosage, minerality). Tendered by the touch of sourness, it also reveals a pleasant calcareous astringency. A rich and complex wine, it is a beautiful blend of champagne that symbolizes the skills of the domain. A Cuvé to serve at 12°C, in a shaped flute to enjoy its complexity and rather at the table than at the time of the appetizer. Think of white meat and tender fish (for example) accompanied by a creamy sauce and hard cheeses.

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