Apolloni Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley Oregon 750ml.

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Tradition, Italian, and Family: these are the foundation of Apolloni Vineyards and its winemaking. The label is inspired by an original piece with its origins dating back to the 16th century. It depicts the Apolloni family coat of arms, featuring a black eagle as a sign of strength, as well as the helm from the armor of the captains of Scalve. The Apolloni family’s Italian roots originate in the Arezzo region of Tuscany, Italy, encompassing a winemaking tradition dating back over 150 years. History and tradition have always been important and continue to be. Alfredo Apolloni, a first generation American, comes from a long lineage of pride in retaining the family name. In each generation there has been either an Adolfo or an Alfredo, alternating by generation. Alfredo has continued this by naming his son Adolfo, in honor of his late father. To further reflect the tradition of family winemaking, each vineyard has been named for Apolloni children, bearing their middle names: Filippo, Olivia, and Flaminia. In time, they may choose in turn to carry on the winemaking of the Apolloni family estate. Alfredo developed his passion for viticulture and winemaking in his youth, while working summers at the family vineyard and villa in Italy. The villa was located outside of Fano, a historic coastal city on the Adriatic coast, south of Venice. The family had its own vineyards and winery, as is typical of many Italian properties. Alfredo’s Italian roots have a strong influence on his winemaking style and attention to detail. The wines of Apolloni Vineyards represent the roots of Italian tradition, brought to the soil of Oregon, with quality of excellence in viticulture. Alfredo and his wife Laurine purchased Apolloni Vineyards in 1999, when the 62-acre property had five acres of vineyard planted, relocating from the Midwest. This was precipitated by the birth of their son, Adolfo, and Alfredo’s desire for his children to grow up on a vineyard – a reflection of his own wonderful experience from his youth. The family has since purchased a nearby 30-acre site, developing 40 additional vineyard acres from 1999 to the present.

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