Bitter Pops Bottle Bouquet - Valentine Edition 1 each.

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Be My Valentine!

Announcing our Valentine Pre-Sale:


PICK UP IN STORE: WEDNESDAY, FEB 14TH, after 12pm (On Valentine's Day)! 

Are you looking for a fun, creative, and beautiful Valentine's day gift for your special Valentine this year? Well, Bitter Pops is creating something special just for you and yours!

We've partnered with our beloved friend, Kate Masiak, the owner and floral (genius) designer of The Flower Girl Company, founded in early 2016. 

Introducing re-imagined and gorgeous way to gift flowers for Valentines Day:       

The Bitter Pops Bottle Bouquet!

The Bitter Pops Bottle Bouquet adorns the top of any bottle of your choice: Wine, Cider, Beer and more. Two great gifts in one! You can choose to display your bouquet on top of your bottle after consuming, as a table centerpiece or you can place the bouquet in the provided dish with water to keep flowers hydrated to enjoy for the many days! 

*Flower arrangements will slightly vary in color and flower varietals.

*Bottles sold separately!

You can pick from any category for the perfect gift this Valentines Day for that special someone in your life. Cider lovers? Wine lovers? Spirit lovers? And more... The Bitter Pops Bottle Bouquet fits on top of all your favorite bottle necks. 

Pick a bottle of your choosing when you pick up your bottle bouquet on Feb 14th or pre-order your bottle with your Bitter Pops Bottle Bouquet pre-order. 

PRESALE ENDS: Monday, February 12th - 5PM!

BOUQUET PICK UPS: Any time after Noon on Wednesday, February 14th! 

For more information about The Flower Girl Company check out the link below:


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