Boxhead Shiraz Australia 750ml.

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All parcels were crushed, destemmed and left on skins for approximately 15 days during primary ferment. The parcels were then pressed and kept separate for malolactic fermentation. Fruit set started late but the growing season just kept going, while sugars crept. It was a marvelous harvest for ideal yields and cluster conditions.

Aged 12 months in 80% stainless steel, 20% neutral American barrique. 5,000 cs produced.

A Fresh. Lots of fruit but with a lithe touch and feel. Blueberries, violets, spice and toasted pumpernickel with a touch of licorice. It is fruit-driven but by no means boring. There is a brilliant savory side to this wine, especially on day two. Hard to believe that there are this many things to write about a wine at this price point, but you must taste it to believe. It finished bright and long. Ever so fresh and definitely an 'any day of the week' wine.

Research suggests a collaboration between square shaped skulls and the production of the finest produce. The squarer the head, the better the wine. But why so many boxhead wine makers in the wine growing regions of
South Australia? A defective gene has mutated over the generations, pumping brain-altering chemicals into the air for pure government global domination. We may never know, but what we do is this; these wines are delicious and represent great value!

The aim is to produce a range of wines from South Australia that display all of the flavors the region can deliver at a price that won't break the bank. Former Red Heads Wine Studio captain in charge, Steve Grimley left Red Heads a few years back and started Loom Wines. Here he has access to more toys and vines than he had at Red Heads and still gets to be the big kid in the sandbox throwing his weight (figuratively) around obtaining prime sites throughout SA.

After 12 years, it was time for Boxhead to get a facelift, literally and figuratively. The new packaging may be the first thing you notice though don't forget what's in the bottle. New look...same great flavor (or flavour with an 'u' if you will). Über-value alert!

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