CO Cellars/Shacksbury Pretty in Pink Cider & Wine Hybrid Vermont 12 FL. OZ. Can



A joint venture from Shacksbury Cider and ZAFA Wines, CO CELLARS is the active winery for ZAFA and creative incubator for the CO CELLARS brand featuring experimental genre-bending wines and everything in between. Like our favorite John Hughes characters - all we want is never ending summer, a hot homecoming date, and a couple wine spritzers under the bleachers. Pretty in Pink will get you there like rose tinted glasses in a can (disclaimer: date and bleachers not included). West coast cool (Broc Cellars Valdiguié Skins) meets New England prep (crisp, classic cider with a wild (apple) side). Just add bubbles for a power couple destined to rule the school. Organic Valdiguié Skins - Broc Cellars, CA Foraged Wild Apples - Yoder Farm, VT New England Apples - Box Mill Farm, MA

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