Domaine de la Damase Picpoul France 750ml.

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Super excited about this new Damase wine. A few years back we asked Sebastien about planting some Picpoul and here is his response. Organically farmed “Picpoul de Violes.” The wine is light, fresh, and way too easy drinking. Sourced from one small vineyard in the Vin de Pays de Vaucluse region close to the village of Violes where Sebastien and his family live and make wine. Fermented and briefly aged in stainless steel.

“Domaine de la Damase is run by Sebastien Latour, my good friend" says Hobo winemaker Kenny Likitprakong, "and his parents. They are really humble people who work the land and everything it has on it. When I’m there, we are always harvesting something; hunting for something like animals or truffles, or thinking about food in some way. But the food is simple and Provençal.”

“I think the winery has been around about 8 generations or in their family for 8 generations – I forget which one. Old by California standards in any case. They farm about 80 hectares or more, but most of the wine is sold off to negociants early on. Their own bottlings are small.”

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