Domaine de Saint Just Les Perrieres France 750ml.

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Seductive, almost golden colour, very elegant nose of white fruit, floral with a hint of honey, off-dry and full in body with a very long finish. Created in 1996, the Domaine SAINT-JUST - situated in the village of Saint Just-sur-Dive, near Saint Cyr en Bourg - today extends over more than 40 ha (98,84 acres). In each plot, Arnaud LAMBERT cultivates the vine by giving priority of the quality of the soil, by protecting it and by respecting the useful fauna. He has set out the vineyard with hedges and copses to obtain greater diversity in the landscape and therefore a better biological equilibrium. Arnaud LAMBERT lives from nature and in order to preserve it, he maintains it as best as he can. Each one of their vintages is thought about even the vines are pruned. The soil and grape form his palette at the time he designs their wines. Handled by Yves extremely talented young son Arnaud LAMBERT, the whole vineyard is now Certified Organic since the 2012 Vintage, with a culture very close to Biodynamic. Arnaud’s goal is the well-being of the plants themselves – to understand their natural defense mechanisms and to make sure that the fruit produced is as perfect and expressive as he can make it, without resorting to pesticides, manures or artificial weed killers. Saint-Just had obtain the Organic certification in 2012, a recognition to be conferred upon it “Quality France” an independent entity recognized by the French government.

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