Echeverria i No es Pituko Natural Orange Wine Sauvignon Blanc Chile 750ml

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No Es Pituko Orange

Sauvignon Blanc

Orange wine is white wine that's left in extended contact with its skins after fermentation, up to a month, giving its distinctive orange hue.  

On the palate, big, dry, tannic (that's because of the skins) with a sourness that some people liken to beer, aromas of orange peel, hazelnut and sourdough.  A robust wine, you can pair it with almost anything, especially strong, spicy flavours.

A bit about us...

We are Viña Echeverria, a family winery in Chile.  Maybe you´ve heard of us, maybe not.   Since 1992, when our dad went to the London Wine Trade fair with a suitcase full of his homemade wine, we've been making and exporting wine pretty much everywhere in the world.  The thing is, a few years ago we started making natural wine, and apparently we´re quite good at it.  At least, that's what our customers tell us.

Our winery is in Chile´s Valle de Curico, (on a latitude with South Africa, or New Zealand to give you an idea),  in a broad valley between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean.   It's like this corridor of extremely lush agricultural land with very diverse and fertile soil.  The mountain and ocean breezes control temperature and regulate the sun during the long, hot summers, helping the vines mature slowly and evolve flavours.  Not only that, but we have very few vineyards pests, which means a near perfect environment for organic agriculture.

From a grapes point of view, it doesn't get much better.

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