Graft Ciders Salt & Sand Mezcal Margarita Cider 12FL. OZ. 4PK Cans

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STYLE I Mezcal Margarita Cider
Salt & Sand is our take on a Mezcal Margarita. This cocktail in a can is a summer crusher. Heaps of lemon and lime zest were used to create clean citrusy notes, while agave and smoked mezcal barrels add a touch of sweet smokiness.
I NY Hard Cider, Smoked Agave Syrup, Lime Concentrate, Lemon Zest, Lime Zest, Natural Lemon Extract, Sulfites (to preserve freshness)
NUTRITION I 6.9% ABV • 3g Sugar • 6g Carb • 155 Cal • Gluten Free!


Graft was created by siblings Kyle & Sara Sherrer to develop a new kind of cider company.  Their concept was two-fold: paying respect to old-world style of cider making while simultaneously experimenting with modern brewing techniques. All of Graft’s ciders employ century-old European traditions of using wild yeast and bacteria to ferment to dryness. They then harness the flavor profiles created from this style of natural cider and develop unique and innovative styles which take a nod from some of the best craft beer producers in the world.    

We are a small company with a big dream of bringing sour cider to the masses and have assembled an amazing team of people to help bring it to you!

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