Hobo Parts & Labor Red Blend Santa Rosa California 750ml.

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The Hobo Wine Company is the brainchild, side job, menace to the wine industry, hedged bet, cash strain, mental anguish, late night musing, bruised hands, dirty t-shirts, and constant companion of Kenny Likitprakong.

Kenny grew up underfoot at the winery, Domain Saint George, where his father Somchai worked as general manager since 1972. He considered a number of careers – including medicine, film and professional skateboarding – before a gig in San Francisco introduced him to wine. UC Davis subsequently beckoned and Kenny fell in with the professors and students studying organic farming practices. Kenny found his first winemaking job in the Sta Cruz mountains in 1999 before starting Hobo Wine Company in 2002. Their winery has been based in Santa Rosa since 2013. The name “Hobo” refers to both the fact that he does not own his own vineyards and the vast travels on which his endless curiosity leads him.

The Hobo Wine Company is committed to a value system that extends beyond financial progress. By now, Kenny has cultivated relationships with 27 different farmers across more than 14 AVAs, working with vineyards as far south as Arroyo Seco and as far north as Redwood Valley. 100% of the vineyards they lease are organically farmed and 88% of the total vineyards that they source from are sustainably, organically, or biodyamically farmed. The winery is committed to sustainable packaging (no capsules, high % of recycled glass (all domestic), and natural corks due to lower carbon footprint). Hobo is also a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of gross revenue from all their brands to non-profit environmental organizations.

Parts & Labor is a selection of old Calfornia vineyards and varieties froman older era of Cali¬fornia. The blend is 60% Redwood Valley Carignane, 25% Potter Valley Syrah, 11% Arroyo Seco Grenache, and 4% Redwood Valley Barbera.

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