Les Hautes Terres Autres Terres White Wine France 750ml



VARIETY : 50 % Chardonnay / 50% Mauzac

25 years old Chardonnay vines, 22 years old Mauzac vines.
Multiple parcels located between 350-450 meters in altitude.
Marl soils rich in Turritella fossils, resting on a bed of marine fossils.

HARVEST : hand picked

Direct press with one night of cold settling.
Racked off of heavy lees into concrete vats.
Chardonnay undergoes full malolactic fermentation, Mauzac does not. Aged six months in concrete vats.

Roquetaillade lovers

Can we summarize the geography of a place in its geology, its altitude, its latitude, the violence of the wind? Even more than saying it at the bottom of each glass, people are an integral part of the terroir. Its character draws the wine, by choosing, sometimes against the current, orientations, lands. He imprints his mark on it, sometimes also by stepping aside, by advocating agronomic softness (of which organic is only one element).
In twenty years, step by step, Gilles, then Geneviève, built a life project in Roquetaillade, a wine project. Effervescent or still, the bottles are only the extension of their gestures, their desires, their words. Perched on this “tough love” rock, they modestly let limestone, Mauzac, Chenin, Chardonnay and Malbec tell their story.

Who We Are

We are a family-owned and operated Wine Importer, focusing on small production vignerons, who farm ethically and who produce authentic wines. Our producers are about as far from a luxury wine estate as you can get. There are no fancy on-site tasting bars, lounges, patios or restaurants. There is a cellar, perhaps a barn for equipment, the vineyards, and honestly crafted wines.


Each vigneron we represent has a deep connection not just to their vineyards, but to the diverse flora and fauna that help give life to the vines. These vineyards are active, living ecosystems, and our producers toil daily to ensure that this harmony is not interrupted. We believe the best wines come from healthy grapes, grown using Organic or Biodynamic principles, fermented using natural yeasts and crafted in the cellar with minimal inputs.


We are fortunate to represent the wines of these dedicated vignerons, and we are honored to bring not only their wines to your table but also their stories.

Farming & Wine

Why Organic & Biodynamic Viticulture Matters


In our experience the most interesting wines come from vignerons who believe that the wine is made in the vineyard. They do not rely on synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, but instead take a holistic approach to cultivating their vines.


Whether certified Biodynamic, Organic or merely applying these principles, these producers have a respect for nature and believe in the importance of preserving the land for future generations.


We do not hold Biodynamic or Organic certification as a requirement because with certification comes a set of rules and dogma, which can get in the way of creativity and intuition. However, what we do expect from our vignerons is an honest and ethical approach in the vines and in the cellar, with the goal of translating the raw materials of each vintage into something unique in the glass.


To us it’s a simple truth that a vigneron with an intimate understanding of his or her vineyard and the fruit it produces will make great wine in almost every vintage.

The Importance of Balance

There’s a lot that goes into the selection of the wines and vignerons we import. While we have made it a point to only work with vignerons who farm ethically, there are many other variables that must be considered for a truly unique-tasting wine. At the end of the day, what we are seeking most in our wines is balance.

We define a balanced wine as one with:

  • aromatic complexity
  • a solid core of acidity
  • vibrancy of fruit
  • and strength of character that speaks to the source from which it came


Our wines are not over extracted or oaky and are often but not always lower in alcohol. Each aspect of the wine should complement without overpowering the others.

We believe wine is most beautiful with no makeup, meaning low intervention in the cellar. This approach is only possible when a vigneron is working with healthy grapes from a living vineyard.


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