Licence IV Cotes du Rhone Rouge France 750ml

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Predominatly clayey soil Property is surrounded by olive and truffle oak trees, lavender fields and the thick forest. The vineyards are near the northern limit of ripening Grenache, in the colder foothills of the Alps, where they are swept, by the strong mistral winds. Fermentation and elevage occur in concrete vats with native yeats and very light filtration

Don’t be fooled by the deep, dark garnet color, this wine is ever so drinkable and light with a silky softness that glides down easy. Notes of lavender, brambling blackberry and savory sage complement its liveliness enticing you to have another glass.

Licence IV is the permit in France allowing cafes, brasseries and restaurants to serve alcohol. The official enameled placards can be found bolted to the walls of these establishments throughout France.

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