Lise & Betrand Pulpe Fiction Muscadet France 750ml.

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After years of yearning for a Muscadet that met the standards of natural winemaking and coming up empty handed, we took it upon ourselves to create Pulpe Fiction. We partnered with our friends Nicolas Reau and Lise & Bertrand Jousset. They are winegrowers and vignerons of impeccable integrity, so we knew that they had the resources, connections, and know-how to make this fictional Muscadet a reality.

Lise, Bertrand, and Nicolas searched for organic farmers to pursue the project, and they found Antoine and Philippe Delaunay. Expert farmers who have been growing organically since 2011, Antoine and Philippe are real “paysans” with a focus on biodiversity in the vineyards. They have 25 hectares of Melon de Bourgogne near Nantes, in the small village of Vertou. After exploring the vineyards and identifying the varied terroirs of the holdings, they selected the parcels located on decomposed granite soils in order to produce a Muscadet with notable finesse.

The project comes to fruition at harvest. Jousset and Reau had been involved throughout the vintage with dialogue and regular visits with the Delaunays throughout the growing season. Then when the ideal conditions were reached, Jousset and Reau made the call on the harvest date and brought their team out to the vineyard to make their selections. All steps of the vinification were guided by these natural winemakers to ensure the integrity of the wine.

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