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All Little Trouble wines are crafted with minimal intervention. We work with organic and sustainable vineyards, farmed by proud land stewards.

All wines are unfined and unfiltered, utilizing only native yeasts and never blocking secondary fermentation. Wines are fermented and aged in entirely neutral vessels to preserve the flavor profiles inherent to each vineyard site.

2021 Grist Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Well who would have guessed it, we make Sauvignon Blanc now! We always agreed that we’d only be temped to produce the variety if we could get our hands on Grist’s grapes, and finally Woody Hambrecht relented. We can be quite exhausting when we put our minds to it. Because this SB is 100% musqué clone, the aromatics are turned up to 11. While the bright, citrusy lemonhead and key lime components can be expected from a tart variety on a tart site, it’s the hint of herbal chartreuse that really helps us pat ourselves on the back. Some extra time in neutral barrel also aided in building a velvety soft mouthfeel despite quite a bit of pucker.

Grapes were direct pressed whole cluster upon arrival at winery. Fruit fermented in stainless steel until dryness, then was racked into a combination of stainless steel drums and neutral barrels. Native primary and secondary ferments, unfined/unfiltered, and minimal So2 before bottling was the only addition.

Could it possibly be an LT wine without a story? After a year crushing about 80 billion tons of Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand's Marlborough region, Sara had some PTSD over the variety. After years of convincing, Jen finally got her to open up to the possibility of crafting some. When fruit became available at one of our favorite sites, Grist Vineyard, we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity. 100% Musqué clone lends an elevated aromatic profile to this crunchy muncher. She's a spicy margarita on the beach while you ignore emails.

  • Alcohol 11.70%

Here goes nothing.

We first met back in 2016 while working for a Sonoma Coast winemaker and grower. Jen was the assistant winemaker, Sara the sales director. After getting to know each other over bottles shared at Casino Bar and Grill in Bodega, we quickly realized our mutual love of bright, fresh wines, low intervention vineyard practices, fluffy dogs and eventually each other. Jen’s family took in Sara, an east coast transplant, and many a holiday was shared together. While joking for years about starting a label together, dreams became reality in 2020 when Jen discovered Stampede Vineyard in Lodi.

Our goal is to make wines that highlight the fantastic vineyards we are privileged to work with. We won’t call ourselves “natural”, but we source solely organic fruit and do as little as possible to intervene in the winery. You can call that what you like. At the end of the day we’re two best pals who are thrilled to share our labor of love and sweat and roadside sandwiches with you.

With love,

Jen and Sara

Harvest 2022

While every Autumn is a blur activity in this industry, 2022 seemed particular manic as we bobbed and weaved to ensure the utmost attention to detail for every pick and fermentation. We often find ourselves wondering, “Was that insane? Or are we just imagining that life zoomed by at 100 miles per hour?”. Luckily this year we caught a good bit of it on video, and it’s safe to say that we’re moving just about as fast as our legs will let us. Enjoy a little glimpse into the helter skelter of harvest 2022.

Sara and Jen

Jennifer Reichardt

Since 1901, Jen’s family has been in the food industry of California, most specifically raising ducks for restaurants in the Bay Area.

The winemaking bug bit in the spring of 2011, and that autumn Jen completed her first harvest in Sonoma County, California. Over the next few years, she completed six additional harvests, to the Sonoma Coast, down to Chile, back to Sonoma Coast, down to Australia, and back again. Harvest number eight brought in a new meaning, when she started her own label, Raft Wines.

These days, Jen continues to run Liberty Duck, Raft Wines, and Et Al wines. She’s roommates with Jack the dog and Mike the husband.

Sara Morgenstern

Sara’s journey has taken her from lab technician to wine director, national sales broker to winemaker. She has made or sold wine in California, New York, Florida and New Zealand.

Sara became enamored with low intervention wines when she first started working as a wine buyer in San Francisco. Growing up with a park ranger mom, environmental issues were always important to her and tied in directly with her passions in the wine industry. Her goal with Little Trouble is to highlight fun and transparent expressions of the fantastic vineyards LT works with, while getting in the way of nature as little as possible.

In addition to Little Trouble Wines, she is currently the Director of Operations for Ruth Lewandowski Wines based in Healdsburg, CA. Sara is also a horse girl and mom to Ham the dog.

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