Lurbira Garnacha Tinta Spain 750ml

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Like Garnacha? We certainly do, especially super approachable, nuanced styles you can pop on a patio and crush with some BBQ. We created Lurbira Garnacha to be just that. Even in the fledging beginnings of Rooted we knew we wanted to have our own brand, something we could direct and instill our values. The idea was simple really, it had to be a Rooted wine. Meaning it needed to come from a family winery who farms and makes their wines as naturally as possible, with one other caveat added in, it needed to be affordable for everyone to drink.

Bodegas Beramendi has been a perfect partner for the Lurbira project, not only do they check all of our values boxes, but they also make exactly the style of Garnacha we love. Good thing for us, because if that first vintage didn’t work out we would’ve had to drink it all! This project is meant to be more than just buying juice and slapping a label on a bottle. We consider this a partnership and are proud to have Bodegas Beramendi’s name on the label as the producer. The name Lurbira itself is intended to tie both sides together. Lurbira in the ancient Basque pantheon was the “Mother Goddess of the Earth”, representing both sides commitment to the environment, but also linking my degree in Religious Humanities, Bodegas Beramendi being female owned and operated, and Becky and I’s commitment to furthering women’s rights for our daughter.

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