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Mylonas Winery is a third generation (since 1917) boutique winery located 30mi south of Athens. The petite but contemporary winery is built in the village of Keratea with the 17 ha of their vineyards being scattered in Attica's peninsula. They farm traditionally, mainly Greek grape varieties, with respect and trust to the terroir. Attica's has a unique terroir rich in minerals & limestone soils. The mild Mediterranean climate acts as an ally and the old vines produce their most concentrated grapes in low yields. Mylonas philosophy is based on minimum intervention from the vineyard to the bottling. When you have great vineyards that produce high quality grapes of distinctive individual character, this is not only environmentally and socially responsible approach, it’s also the best way to consistently make fine wine.


The grapes are hand-picked and placed into small crates. After the harvest, the grapes are taken immediately into the winery where the grapes are cooled at 8 °C, destemmed and pressed. Static settling and fermentation at controlled temperature (17 °C) in small stainless-steel tanks. Before the end of the fermentation the wine is bottled. The fermentation ends in the bottle and left on the lees for three months. Disgorgement by hand

Our History

The history of our winery starts almost a century ago, back in 1917 in the region of Keratea in Eastern Attica, with our grandfather Antonis, whose main occupation was the vine and winemaking. He left the grape must to ferment in amphorae, since stainless steel tanks were unknown at that time.

Later the small business passed to our father, Dimitris, who continued the wine tradition of our grandfather, expanding the enterprise with purchase of new vineyards creating at the same time a small, modern winery. Beside our father, three sons, Antonis, Tasos and Stamatis playing with soil and grapes as little children, growing up observing the soil, weather and wind learning how to talk with the vine, digging and pruning it so much that in the end it became part of ourselves. It was only natural to turn the vine and the wine into our profession, Stamatis and Antonis studying chemists–oenologists and Tasos economics to run our small business.

Practically, the history of Mylonas brothers begins in 2000 when, after the loss of our father, we took over the responsibility to follow the steps and evolve what he made, even go a step further, as he did when the winery passed from his father and our grandfather Antonis to him.

The result was the creation of a brand new, small, modern winery, the standardization of our wines and our first official presence in the Greek market in 2006 with our trademark being “Savatiano Mylonas Winery”.

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