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Noelia de Paz spent the beginning of the century carousing amongst the family vineyards that her brothers planted in 1999, though her hometown region, DO Tierra de León, didn’t achieve DO status until 2007.  It was there, during this time working in her family’s winery Bodegas Tampesta, that Noelia’s love and dedication for León’s native grape varieties, Albarín and Prieto Picudo, really flourished.  She has since fallen hard and isn’t looking back on her quest to become the Queen of Albarín. 

Realizing the scarcity of many profound or dynamic expressions of these unique varietals in the market, the very ambitious Noelia de Paz is finally realizing her independent LaOsa mission to work closely with the local farmers to produce small production wines from her native DO Tierra de León.  Today, Noelia, who refers to herself as LaOsa (the bear) carefully elaborates some of Spain’s mostly harshly ignored varietals, Prieto Picudo (Tinto) and Albarín (Blanco), in the Municipal of Valdemimbre in the southwest of León, within the Province of Castilla y León.

Noelia has also spent many years collaborating with friends and mentors throughout her travels to produce various vinous gems from the vineyards of neighbors in DO’s in Bierzo and Rías Baixas.

Noelia preserves the authenticity of the land by respecting the work and the experience of the landowners from the generations proceeding her by sourcing fruit from farmers who use traditional vineyard practices and avoid mechanical intervention as much as possible. She then applies her prowess in the winery to reach full grape expression while maintaining the acidity, oak and alcohol in balance, something not often achieved in León.   Her dynamic presence is felt with every sip.  ¡Viva LaOsa!

LaOsa 2020 ‘Trasto’ Tinto
Region: Tierra de León
Soil: Alluvial clay Elevation: 800-900m
Vinifera: 100% Prieto Picudo
Winemaker: Noelia de Paz
Vineyard 25 years old vines, dry farmed vineyards, non-cert. organic. Tierra de Leon is one of the windiest growing regions in Spain, and that affects the grapes through the development of thick skins. Alluvial clay soils allow for good water retention, although the region sees very little rain < 20 inch/year. Poor nutrient profile in the soil means little green harvesting is needed to naturally achieve 2-3 tons per acre.
Production Hand Harvested, destemmed, native fermented Prieto Picudo for 20 days, later pressed into neutral barrel for 4 months. Delicate wetting the cap with minimal extraction. 10% of previous vintage is kept in barrel and blended back into for complexities and balance. This vintage, Noelia strives to seek restraint with less agitation of this tender and expressive Prieto Picudo beast.
Vintage 2020 – a moderately warm vintage with little rain – very uneventful. A good and rainy Spring allowed for substantial water retention in the alluvial clay soils to keep the summer soils hydrated. Very healthy grapes with a bit more concentration of fruit than previous years. Maintains freshness.
Wine Best vintage to date. Yowza. Nose of poutpourri and boisenberry. Hints of frambois. Density and grip on the mid-palate, finish with medium bodied, chalky tannins that are matched with dark fruits and eucalyptus. The presence of Prieto Picudo is firm but gives way to juicy fruits. heavy potpourri and dried purple flowers. Blue.

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