Nomadica Red Blend California 250ml. 4PK Cans



- The North Coast Collection - 60% Sangiovese, 20% Grenache, 20% Zinfandel, 2017, Mendocino AVA, California, Winemaker: Kent Humphrey, 12% alc/vol VINIFICATION: All produced in smaller lots and aged in neutral barrels. Grenache aged for 12 months, Sangiovese and zinfandel aged for 9 months. This time in the barrel allows the wine to soften so that when we put it into a can it’s ready to drink. TASTING NOTES: Silky, medium-bodied, bing cherry, strawberry, sandalwood, licorice, tomato leaf, cranberry, plum. PLAYS WELL WITH: Red sauce pasta dishes, tacos, pizza, burgers, anything chocolate WHY I LOVE IT: "My years working with an all Italian wine list converted me from an occasional Sangiovese drinker to an obsessive one. The prevalence of mediocre Sangiovese in the 70s and 80s has led to an overall meh perception of the grape. HOWEVER, when she’s good she’s sensational; she smacks of tobacco, leather, every flavor of cherry one could imagine and the aromas akin to sticking your entire face into a mid-summer garden in bloom. We blended some other personal favorites: Grenache for its fun, pure burst of strawberry and old vine zinfandel for its depth and bright dark fruit. The result: a bright, zippy, crushable red. I recommend throwing a light chill on it."

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