Paolo Petrilli Agramante Red Blend Italy 750ml

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The Petrilli Estate is located in Northern Puglia, in the region of Daunia, near the town of Lucera. La Motticella or Motta della Regina is a centuries old settlement, reported on maps even before 1000 B.C. Originally, it was a stopover on the road between Lucera, in the inland area, and Lesina, outpost of Venice on the Adriatic sea. It later became a feud belonging to the Caropresa family, the Zunica, and the Serra di Cassano. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Paolo Petrilli, grandfather of the current Paolo Petrilli, bought it using his wife Teresa’s dowry, and it was united with the neighbouring family estates: Feudo, Bisciglieto, Sequestro and De Iulio.
Paolo and Paola Petrilli have lived here their whole lives and have gained an enormous reputation growing some of the finest organic pomodori (tomatoes) in all of Italy. Their entire property has been certified Organic by the ICEA since 2008. Their crop, from just 5 Hectares of tomatoes, sells out every year and Paolo applies the same philosophy to his wines as he does to the pomodori: better to limit production and make the best possible product. In 2002 the family released the first wines from their 10 Hectares of vines. Paolo flatly states that his production will always be limited to whatever he is able to vinify from that 10 Ha. A quiet, funny, sophisticated farmer and academic (his beautiful home is overflowing with books on every conceivable subject), Paolo’s wines are so impossibly elegant, they almost dance on the palate.
The grapes come from eleven hectares of vineyard. Nero di Troia is the main variety, then Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Aglianico, Bombino and Verdellino. Not one single plant of an international variety. The vineyards are located on the estate hill, around the building, in an area of very stony soil; they have a southern exposure and are always covered with spontaneous vegetation. The vineyard density has five thousand plants per hectare, and the grape yield never exceeds 13,230 pounds. The grapes are hand harvested and the wine is aged in wooden vats.

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