Ravinia Blizzard Van Tropical Hazy IPA 16 FL. OZ. 4PK Cans

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7% ABV  |  30 IBU  |  El Dorado & Sabro Hops


Ravinia Blizzard Van encapsulates the magic of a lost time — Chevy Ram Vans adorned in murals, driven by long haired hippies that were either mystical gurus or unhinged eccentrics.

This Tropical Hazy is exactly as flavorful and full of character as these misfits. El Dorado hops and Sabro pair for an ultimate beach bum experience —  brewed with pineapple, and just enough coconut, vanilla, and lactose, this will transport you to another, warmer realm.

Don't wait though, they don't call it small batch for nothing!

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