Sanctum Lisica Pinot Noir Slovenia 750ml.

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In the 12th century, the French Carthusian monks selected this area for its pristine nature to established their monastery.

On southern slopes of Klokocovnik and Lipogav they planted the first Pinot Noir grapes.

Today the wine makers of Sanctum continue this tradition in creating extraordinary wines with the unique flavors of the local terroir.

The cooler climate and special soil composition of Stajerska wine regions offer ideal conditions for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Welch Reisling,
Tramminer and Pinot Gries

Appellation: Lipoglav, Lower Styria (Štajerska), Slovenia

Density & Yield: 4,000 vines/ha; 1.5 kg/vine

Annual Production: 15,000 bottles

Climate: Continental cool climate, with snowy and cold winters, and sunny and mild spring, with sun-drenching summers.

Terrain: Continental micro-climate on the steep hills and valleys of Lipoglav, located by the beautiful town of Loče in northeast Slovenia. All vineyards are located on steep 45˚slopes with southern-exposure, ranging from 100 meters to 480 meters above sea level. Nights are refreshingly chilly, as the winds whip around the sharp hills and valleys. The soil made up of marl, clay and sand.

Farming: No irrigation in the vineyards, spraying as necessary depending upon climate conditions. Most years only sulfites, sometime copper, and rarely other substances allowed under Slovenian integrated farming regulations.

Vinification: Starting with 2018 vintage, Sanctum Pinot Noir is different from its predecessors. Embracing the minimal intervention approach in the cellar, hand-harvested grapes were destemmed and spontaneously fermented in open top fermenters. 19-24 day maceration. After 12 months of aging in used French oak the wine was blended in stainless steel tanks and bottled unfiltered.

Tasting Notes: Pinot Noir has been cultivated on these hills since the French monks planted it in the 12th century. They thought this land was special for pinot noir and chardonnay. The new Sanctum Lisica Pinot Noir is made with a hand-off approach in order to express the fruit and the terroir of Lipoglav vineyards in the glass. The wine shows a bright cranberry nose with complex vegetal notes when allowed to breathe. The mouthfeel is quite intense initially, but elegance and inviting drinkability are revealed when this earthy, medium body wine is paired with food. Enjoy with stews, goulashes, sausages, roasted red meats, pulled pork, and broth boiled beef with an assortment of vegetables like onions, carrots, tomatoes, leeks, potatoes, celery, and cauliflower.

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