ANNOUNCEMENT: Advent Calendar pick-ups will begin the second week of November

2021 Bitter Pops Advent Calendar

As Bitter Pops swings open its doors, so too are Chicago’s many amazing breweries and taprooms! The 2021 Holiday Season is about getting together again, and what better way to do that than over a beer or two. Whether entertaining at home or in a Taproom, let’s hug it out this season with those that we have missed.

This year’s Bitter Pops Advent Calendar is a celebration of Re-Opening! In addition to the inspired beers that will be in the Calendar, the flexibility of the Bitter Pops Advent Calendar allows you to customize YOUR Re-Opening experiences! Enjoy all 24 yourself, bring a fridge pack to a party, or share fridge packs among a group.

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2021 Advent Calendar Brewery List

Rhinegeist Brewery
Sketchbook Brewing
BuckleDown Brewing
Scorched Earth Brewing
Around The Bend
Solemn Oath Brewery

Spiteful Brewing
Pilot Project Brewing
Light The Lamp Brewery
Pollyanna Brewing
Church Street Brewing
Hubbards Cave

Twisted Hippo
Old Irving Brewing
Marz Community Brewing
Midwest Coast Brewing
Ravinia Brewing
Noon Whistle Brewing

BrickStone Brewery
DuClaw Brewing
Empirical Brewery
Forbidden Root
Hopewell Brewing
Kinslahger Brewing

What is the Bitter Pops Advent Calendar?

When we were kids, the anticipation of Christmas started in December with an advent calendar –– a tasty Holiday treat to look forward to everyday, and occasionally sneak ahead a day or two as we countdown to Christmas.

Bitter Pops Advent Calendar brings that childhood magic to your adult life with 24 tasty craft beers to help you and your loved ones celebrate the Holidays. While the Calendar is designed to be enjoyed starting Dec. 1, you can decide whether to follow the one-beer-per-day cadence, or choose to give advent calendars as gifts, share them at office gatherings, or enjoy sips with friends.

For Bitter Pops Rewards Members, that means each box comes with rewards of 3 virtual rewards points, So make sure you are logged in when making an online purchase! Not a Bitter Pops Rewards Member yet? Sign up In-Shoppe or at today!Every year the Advent Calendar is the go-to gift for the beer lover in your life and, of course, the perfect treat for yourself during the Holiday Season. Availability is limited, so act now and order yours in the Shoppe or online today!


We will be releasing information each day in December about what you are enjoying, find out about the events taking place at Bitter Pops, and see how the BP Community is participating.