Ampeleia Unlitro Toscana Rosso Italy 1 Liter

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Placing a one-litre flask of wine on the table is a habit and age-old tradition, a symbol of conviviality.

This led us to come up with the name “Unlitro” and a bottle of a shape and size that conjures up the joy and carefreeness of being together.

Unlitro is produced from a blend of Alicante, Carignano, Mourvèdre, Sangiovese and Alicante Bouschet grapes coming from the youngest vineyards close to the sea. It reflects our desire to express the territory in a lighter and more immediate way, without losing any of its character.

Our wines speak of a territory formed of highs and lows, of history and innovation, of asperity and love. Ampeleia is wine, of course. But it is also wheat and oil. It is vineyard, but also vegetable garden and olive groves. It is people, but also animals. From the region of Trentino to Roccatederighi. The countryside as a place of freedom. There’s the family you’re born into and the family you choose. We were looking for somewhere to produce good wine, naturally, and we found a place in which to express ourselves. If you are looking for an experience away from the modern world, then this is the right place. Here nothing is the same as anything else. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself.  We want to cultivate the land in the most natural way possible, as this is the only way to respect it.

In Ampeleia, the force of the Upper Maremma region of Tuscany encounters the sea breeze, giving rise to delicate and elegant wines; this is the power of harmony. Our wines speak of a territory formed of highs and lows, of history and innovation, of asperity and love.

Our root is Cabernet Franc. From the very first pressing we understood that it had an undeveloped potential. Cabernet Franc is the grape variety that best expresses the identity of our territory.

The Mediterranean essence of this hinterland inspired us to recover its ancient grape variety par excellence, Alicante Nero, which lives in symbiosis with other varieties less well known to the ears of locals, but which are truly expressed here: Carignano and Mourvèdre.

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