Andrea Calek A Toi Nous Red Blend France 750ml



Andrea Calek A lot has been written about Andrea Calek. Originally he is from Czechoslovakia, but through following his own path, he wound up in France. He first came in to contact with the wonders of natural wine through the original Gang of Four; Lapierre, Thevenet, Foillard and Breton. Through working with Guy Breton, Andrea learned the ways of allowing the vines to speak for themselves through their wine. Since then, he has been driven by this passion and allows every one of his wines to speak for themselves. If they take 2 years to ferment, they take 2 years to ferment. If the malo decides to never happen, he does not force it. And throughout the journey of the vine to the grape and in to the wine, he allows the wine to make itself, with only the minimalist amount of help to guide it on its way. The year 2007 was Andrea’s first vintage, and continues to this day. Like nature, each vintage and wine is unqiue in its place in time and reflects the soil, weather and energy that has gone in to its creation.

A toi nous 2017 appellation Ardeche grapes 45% Syrah, 45% Grenache and 10% Merlot cultivation Organic goblet and trellis trained vines harvest Grapes selected on the vine, hand-picked and placed in cases vineyard Organic Certified, Fully Biodynamic practices. vinification Spontaneously fermented with half whole cluster and half direct pressed grapes. sulfites No Sulfites added only natural sulfites present alcohol content 13.5° serving temperature Slightly chilled bottled On site tasting note The vineyards selected for this cuvéee yield grapes with naturally lower yieds, which makes this velvety wine a pleasure to drink

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