Atmospheres Jo Landron Methode Traditionelle Loire France 750ml.

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Our runaway best seller from Jo Landron. Many producers in and around Muscadet used other grapes to make an inexpensive sparkling wine, but few have been able to strike the balance Jo achieves between a joyful, unpretentious sparkling wine and an elegant, surprising Methode Traditionelle that hints at Champagne. 80% Folle Blanche, 20% Pinot Noir, grown in the Muscadet region (but can’t be called Muscadet as it’s sparkling.) Good richness, red apples, ripe lemons, peaches and pears. Dark/toasty note on the long finish. Jo Landron and his wife Jocelyn are the wonderful, energetic, creative, honest and downright nice people behind the farming and the winemaking at Domaine de La Louvetrie. Jo is famously photogenic thanks to his remarkable mustache, but really, it’s the sparkle in his eyes that make him such a star in the Loire Valley. That, and his decades long devotion to elevating Melon de Bourgogne to the ranks of France’s noble grapes. Jo oversees all of the farming, and under his guidance the estate has flourished as a certified organic vineyard. This is true of the parcels that produce all of the wines, from his “Domaine” to the single vineyard Fief de Breil.

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