Barter & Trade Merlot Washington State 750ml.



Barter & Trade wine grapes are grown under the Shadows of the Cascade Mountains and in the humble Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley in Eastern Washington. Though this prime land bears exceptionally choice wine grapes, bursting with body and flavor but bearing more structure than California wines, it has yet to receive the accolades that other noted regions claim.
Upon visiting this new land — and discovering the blossoming industry underfoot — Paso Robles winemaker Andrew Jones felt called to work with this soil. Why was this promised land not forefront in the minds of Americans? Determined to bring the bounty of Washington across the country, Jones struck up a deal with local winegrowers.
You see, from its beginnings, Barter and Trade has hearkened back to the days of old; striking the perfect balance between Old World and New World, both in flavor and in business. It is, at its core, a nod to the classic practices of the wine industry, a world built on collaboration, friendship, favors and alliances.
Once they are plucked from the vines in Washington, the grapes embark on a journey south to Paso Robles, California, where they are cellared, blended and bottled. Then, at the opportune moment, they are shipped across the country to be enjoyed among friends, lovers and strangers striking handshake deals of their own.
For that, friends, is the cyclical nature of this endeavor.

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