Bodega Etchart Cafayate Malbec Argentina 750ml

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A red wine with a marked expression, with red fruit aromas (plum, raisins) and subtle spicy notes. It is fruity, round, full-bodied and structured in the mouth, with sweet and mature tannins.


 Grilled meats
 Hard chesses

Our Wines

In Cafayate, the heart of the Calchaquí Valleys, truly unique wines are made, with aromas and flavors that are a result of the incomparable characteristics of Cafayatean terroir. Here, each grape variety expresses itself in the terroir with great personality and, at the same time, it is the accurate expression of the place where it grows.

Our Winery

The history which started as the adventure of a pioneer who acted by intuition seems to be endless; it is just under constant development. Year after year, Bodegas Etchart makes over 10 million bottles commercialized in Argentina and in 30 countries throughout the world. Today the winery has more than 400 planted hectares, of which 50% belongs to Torrontés, a number that also accounts for a 45% of the total production of this variety throughout all the Calchaquí Valleys. With a storage capacity exceeding 12 million liters, it makes a great variety of labels based on red and white vines, and its oenological and agronomic team constantly tests with extremely rare varieties in northern Argentina.


Out of respect and gratitude for the Cafayatean terroir, Bodegas Etchart favors meticulous care for the flora, fauna and the natural resources of the region to ensure that future generations will still be able to make wines of the same quality that differentiates the Calchaquí Valleys today. This entails the rational use of water and energy, recycling and the reuse of all materials used at the winery. Thus, ecology and sustainable winegrowing became two of the pillars of the making process of each wine that composes our product portfolio.

The responsibility with which men and women work in a terroir defines if grapes can still be cultivated in that place in the future. Bodegas Etchart has a tangible, certifiable commitment with clear targets to show its clients and the world that it is possible to make wine in a sustainable way in the Cafayate valley.

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