Bodegas Emilio Moro El Zarzal Godello Spain 750ml




A Godello that is grown in the bottle and that bets on the variety and its many nuances without giving up the freshness of the varietal.

Our Vineyards

Tradition, effort, affection. Each of these words could be included in the definition of vintage, at least in the definition it has for us in the cellar.

It is a unique moment, full of hope, in which we put all our hopes so that this fruit, the grape, to which we dedicate so much time and pay so much attention, grants us the opportunity to make wines as special as those we have in Bodegas Emilio Moro.


The nervousness is present, the team is prepared for the grape harvest and among them, unique sensations emerge. The vineyard awaits us, the grapes are ready and one of the most important moments of the winery has arrived, the harvest.

Discover everything about the grape harvest in future chapters.


The dance has begun!

The grapes are beginning to arrive in our hopper, although the process began months ago when the plant bore its first fruits. Discover all the evolution of the plant and how our technical department selects the ideal moment for its collection.


The grape, "the master key to make our wines" has already arrived at the winery and it is time to make sure that everything works to start the processes in our facilities. The grape journey is long, from the hopper to the destemmer, the crusher and the tanks. Do not miss how fermentation occurs and how it goes from fruit to must in the words of our team.


When the last harvested grape enters the winery, the harvest can be considered over, but is it really the end? Discover with us what this “end” means.


The history of Bodegas Emilio Moro goes back three generations: the grandfather of the third generation, Emilio Moro, was born in 1891 and his son Emilio Moro in 1932, both in a wine-growing environment surrounded by vineyards, they grew up treading grapes in their hometown of Pesquera de Duero, in the province of Valladolid, and forged their passion with effort vintage after vintage.

Emilio Moro instilled in his son all the love for wine, and he in turn passed it on to the third generation, who currently run the winery.

Social responsability

The earth has managed to give us so much that we will always be indebted to her. Our commitment to society materializes in the Emilio Moro Foundation, an institution that, since 2008, contributes its drop of wine in the fair distribution of resources and in helping to alleviate social exclusion.

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