Chateau Maris Orange Wine France 750ml.

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The oldest know and antique form of making wine. By patintly giving the skins and pips contact with the pulp, we get this juice like no other, intense, ample, and refreshing.

Have you ever had the chance to taste a colour ?

The orange perfum, a flavor from time immemorial.  

Georgians have been developing this style of wine since 8000 years, with us it is only beginning to become known and becoming very popular.

Orange ie a white wine with prolonged contact with the skin and fermented at red wine temperatures. This gives the wine a deeper color, more flavor and a very slight tannic sensation.

A very fresh orange wine with bright notes of summer fruits such as white peach or apricot, made from the "Muscat petit grain" grape variety.

A gourmet wine that will go perfectly as an aperitif or with your summer meal starters.

Food and wine pairings: Tomato Mozzarella, Tapas with ham, tapenade toast...


In 1999, La Livinière (meaning “place planted with vines”), located in the heart of the Minervois between Toulouse and Montpellier, became the first vineyard to receive recognition in the Languedoc region. Château Maris covers 45 hectares of land, divided into a multitude of plots on the hillside above La Livinière. It received Ecocert certification in 2002, then Biodyvin in 2004 and Demeter in 2008.

The terroir, with a very gentle slope and sun-drenched south-facing orientation, is made up of a mixture of schist, sandstone, quartz, marble and limestone that has been present for more than 50 million years.

The soil, composed of sand, clay and pebbles, forms terraces at altitude, which are ideal for wine growing. Nourished by the Mediterranean sun and with the cool wind from the Pyrenees sweeping across it, the vines enjoy a very special climate. The fig trees, broom, thyme, olive trees, oaks and pines on the land give the wines of Château Maris a unique character.

Through biodynamics, we can preserve the natural environment for future generations.




We see nature as the mother of all things and as such, it demands our utmost respect. Biodynamic viticulture is a constant reminder that life, in all its forms, plays a role and that we must endeavour to care for it and understand it every day. We pay minute attention to lunar and solar cycles, much like an orchestra conductor, so as to grasp every subtlety. From soil preparation to grape harvesting, we let nature guide us. The soils and living organisms that make up and surround our vineyard form a complex ecosystem that influences the quality and flavours of our grapes. It is our role to enable this ecosystem to work as effectively as nature intended; we are convinced that through more respectful working methods, we can produce quality wines.

Biodynamics was a natural choice, in more ways than one. By restoring virtuous circles within the soil, between the soil and the plant, the plant and the sky, Man and the elements, we can preserve our environment for future generations, but also produce purer, finer and more elegant wines.
Château Maris was the first vineyard in the AOC Minervois La Livinière to be fully certified biodynamic.



Climate change is a decisive factor for the wine industry. In an effort to continuously preserve nature, we wanted the winery to consume as little energy as possible, all while maintaining its practical aspect. We therefore opted for hemp, renowned for its natural insulation. This breathable material drastically reduces our carbon footprint and is perfectly suited to today’s environmental challenges.

It took eight years to build this 9,000-m2 100% plant-based cellar, which is completely biodegradable, self-sufficient in energy and carbon negative. A world first. Read about the benefits of hempcrete here.

Our winery is a truly singular place. We produce our wines with indigenous yeast, in custom-made wooden, thick concrete or egg-shaped vats to avoid using electrically conductive materials. A classic stamp of Château Maris’ identity is our ovoid vats. This shape, adapted from Roman dolia, naturally encourages the flow of energy and convection currents. Our preserved wines are light “brewed” by the natural resuspension of the fine lees. This winemaking process allows us to produce exceptional vintages.

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