Don Rodolfo Art of the Andes Extra Brut Sparkling 750ml



Our Art of the Andes wines are colorful and expressive much like the art, music, and culture flourishing on both sides of the Andes

The people of Argentina and Chile love to express themselves. Embracing art as a language, locals do this through the rich cuisine, vibrant music and eye-catching street art.

This dynamic culture continually inspires on a daily basis and DR Art of the Andes wines embrace this lifestyle in each and every one of its handcrafted wines.

Many of Argentina and Chile's wine regions are seated along the base of the Andes Mountains. With one of the widest diurnal temperature variations in the world, summers can hit as high as 104ºF and nights cooling off to 50ºF. The climate relies on the pollution-free water from the melted glaciers in the Andes in order to naturally irrigate each vineyard.


The soils of Lujan de Cuyo are composed predominantly of loose sand over clay and rock which provide excellent free-draining qualities allowing the vines to be stressed. With higher altitudes and impressive thermal amplitudes in conjunction with natural irrigation from the pure water source of the snow melt of the Andes Mountains, the vines produce premium wines with fresh acidity and true varietal character.


This handcrafted Extra Brut reveals fresh and fruity citrus with green apples and balanced acidity.


Our Extra Brut is very versatile, it can cut through big bold flavors such as rich Mac & Cheese and has enough acid to hold up next to fish tacos.

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