Folk Tree Village Series Chardonnay Buelton California 750ml.

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The original concept of Folk Tree developed through conversations and connections with our winemakers and their vineyard partners. The moment when inspiration meets opportunity in wine and farming. Our vision is to produce a wine that represents the quality of our partners, our friends and our families. And with this success, we started to envision the Folk Tree Village Series in 2014. The value in American wine is in the Central Coast and further up the Santa Barbara Highlands. This suite of wines promises to be the most dependable and expressive wines we’ve ever had from California. In 2015, the Coastal vineyards of California were getting decimated by frost and drought stricken conditions. However, a few miles inland (up in the higher-elevation sites and less exposed vineyards), the fruit continued to flourish. While yields were lower than normal, the grapes were certainly hitting optimal ripeness for a more “old world” style of wines. Those in the know took notice of these sites. And we all jumped at the opportunity to secure the fruit. A lot of vintners started to travel further to achieve optimal conditions, and people are still flooding the area (now, only to find the land locked up and full of long term/extended contracts). We are lucky to work with esteemed colleagues in the Central Coast who will follow our lead when it comes to our instincts. The grapes here are choice and the farming got better because we all got better. Folk Tree village series is a nod to the Vin de France style wines that we’ve all enjoyed for years. Not only for the subtle and approachable characteristics, but mostly for the amazing price points that do not break the bank. Let’s stop straining our necks to look for the next “serious” region in California or “allocated” wine. This is wine for the people made by the people.

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