Garciarevalo Finca Tresolmos White Blend Spain 750ml.



Smells fresh and exotic, with notes of lime leaf and lime blossom. It’s an inviting wine, mid-weight, with a great balance of minerality, earthiness, citrusy fruit, and a touch of brine.

Garciarevalo is a family owned winery established in 1991 in Matapozuelos in the heart of Rueda. They specialize in Verdejo with additional plantings of Viura. They have 40 hectares of over-100-year-old-vines including Verdejo vines that are up to 130 years old. The unique qualities of this site are evident in the soils, which differ from most other areas of Rueda. The soil is sand here, allowing for excellent drainage and greater difference between day and night temperatures. Long winters with late frosts combine with hot and dry summers to create the ideal situation for cultivating grapes with the perfect balance of sugar and acidity.

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