Giesen New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Non Alcoholic Wine 750ml.

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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is world-famous for its distinctive fresh aromatics and crisp, clean flavors.

So what if we told you we'd made a premium New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine without the alcohol?

How Does It Taste?

This non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc has delicate aromas of fresh lime, redcurrant and lemon shortbreadDelicious citrus flavors with distinct blackcurrant and passionfruit notes are followed by a crisp, dry finish.

It's mouthwateringly juicy and bright - a light, fresh, and invigorating non-alcoholic wine.

We are on a mission 

 To change the way Dealcoholized wines are made and how they should taste. A new wine has been made in New Zealand that rivals the current Non-alcoholic wine options. 

Whether you're trialling alcohol-free days, sober driving, or staying dry for a good cause, you shouldn't have to give up delicious-tasting wine!

You'll be pleased to know our Giesen 0% range of wines are low in calories too, making them a conscious choice for mindful drinkers.  Learn more about our new alcohol-free wines.

About Giesen Wines

Sounds like: geese-in 

On the edge of the earth is a nation of unprecedented natural beauty that's first to see the sun: New Zealand.

Poised between mighty mountains and crashing seas, at the heart of a young glacial valley rests the Giesen family winery. It's the freshness and purity of this pristine place that helps the Giesen brothers create some of the world's best cool climate wines.

When work is done, the three Giesen brothers love sharing a meal with family and friends, enjoying a wine and celebrating another day. We invite you to do the same.

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