Gioventu Chianti Italy 750ml.



“Gioventu” is a family of wine from Michael Schmelzer that reflects the way we live—the norms, values, and practices we share. The shared symbols of our culture are what make us part of a greater whole. We are tied to our past through tradition and our collective memory, but are naturally, constantly, and inescapably moving forward.

Italy is a region rife with history. Thousands of years’ worth of civilization, art, and culture have thrived in the diverse natural landscape. Tradition is important in this landscape, but so is the need to move forward into the future with energy and confidence. It is with this background and this intention that Michael Schmelzer created Gioventu Chianti and Falanghina, wines that are firmly set in the Italian tradition but in a style that evokes the intention of innovation that is apparent in all of his wines.

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