Hoxie Grapefruit Elderflower Dry Wine Spritzer California 250ml 4PK Cans

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HOXIE Spritzer is a refreshingly different canned dry wine spritzer crafted from sustainably-grown CA grapes and 100% natural ingredients.

Fragrant, of fresh blossoms and cool spring water
GRAPES: Riesling
EXTRACTS: Grapefruit, Elderflower
90 Calories • Gluten Free • Vegan • 5% ABV • 3g Cane Sugar
Can UPC: 8 50010 69700 0
Carrier UPC: 8 50010 69701 7

JOSH ROSENSTEIN is a Los Angeles based cook who has worked under great chefs like Suzanne Goin, Alain Ducassee, and Alice Waters. He developed the original formula for HOXIE while working as a line cook in New York, essentially mixing scraps of fruit and herbs from brunch service into delicious fizzy concoctions. His original HOXIE recipes soon made their way to dinner parties, and with demand on the rise, started making spritzers in friends garages. Josh and HOXIE have come a long way; Josh moved across the country to L.A. to source the best for his spritz, and HOXIE is now only sourced from the finest ingredients (not scraps, and not made in a garage). What remains constant is experimentation: it will always exist at the HOXIE brand’s core.

Grapes are sustainably grown and harvested in Sonoma and Monterey wine counties. Sorting, crush, and fermentation happen steps away from the vines with minimal intervention and no additions. The base wine is blended with natural botanical and fruit extracts after meticulous testing to get the recipe perfect. During the canning process, carbonation creates the bubbles. That makes HOXIE Spritzer spritz!

100% sustainably-grown American grapes
No fining agents or added tannins
90 calories
Dry, only 3 g/L RS
No artificial flavors or colors, ever
Premium ingredients
Gluten Free
BPA Free & Recyclable
Everything that’s in HOXIE is on the label
HOXIE is made with pure California Spring Water
HOXIE is packed in 100% recyclable BPA free cans, made from 68% recycled material

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