Hungry Blonde Chardonnay Napa California 750ml

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hungry blonde is…

About living life to the fullest

Confident and ambitious about what she wants in life

Surrounded by friends, both old and new

Curious with a thirst for knowledge and experiences

True to herself, and listens to an inner voice…

experience hungry blonde…

Hungry Blonde is a stylish and elegant wine that embodies curiosity and confidence, encourages us to be around friends, relax, and live in the moment. Reminiscent of a California dream, the wine’s focused flavors suggest green apples, lemon zest and, thanks to pretty French oak, a slight graham cracker note.

This wine is made for those who are always hungry for more… more life, more adventure, and more flavor. Cheers to you!


Our Hungry Blonde Chardonnay is the perfect expression of cool-climate Napa Valley Chardonnay from the Carneros region. Inviting aromas of lemon zest and white flowers make way for waves of bosc pear, Tahitian vanilla, and baked apple tart. All held together with fresh acidity and a supple texture inviting another sip.

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