La Ferme Rouge Terre Rouge Morocco 750ml

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La Ferme Rouge's winemaking history dates to the French occupation in 1933, but it is within the last 30 years that they have started to focus on elevating their farming practices and wine quality. The grape varieties thrive in the climate and soil, the vineyards are farmed organically, and crops are utilized in the winter to improve soil health. The resulting wines are unpretentious and quaffable. 


Journey into the wines of Morocco.

Since antiquity, Morocco has always been a privileged ground for vines and wine.
Throughout centuries, vines appeared and disappeared periodically in North Africa. At the end of the 19th century, vineyards were damaged in Europe by phylloxera and French growers immigrated to Morocco discovering a unique soil diversity and a temperate climate ideal for the perfect maturation of grapes. Morocco sets itself apart from other countries in North Africa because of its potential for producing high quality wines due to its diverse range of terroirs. Following the footsteps of the French appellation system, Morocco garners 14 AOG's (Appellation of Origin Guaranteed) and 1 AOC (Appellation of Origin Controlled).

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