L'agnostique Cinsault Rosé Languedoc France 750ml

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It is amazing how much quality and deliciousness is available in wines from the old world, in comparison with similarly priced products from the new world. L’Agnostique presents a range of classic French varietals that over-perform relative to their price point. These are lovely, bistro- styled wines that show well in any setting; they are extremely food friendly. Most of the varietals are sourced from the Languedoc where the constant wind from the Mediterranean Sea keeps the vines and their fruit well-aerated and healthy. The Pinot Noir is sourced from further north, from volcanic sites near Puy de Dôme (at 1464 meters, the highest volcano in the Chaîne des Puys) and another in Auvergne a short distance to the south; these are cooler areas at roughly the same latitude as Lyon, and more appropriate for this sensitive grape. The Gamay used for the Gamay-Syrah blend (labeled simply "L'Agnostique Rouge") is sourced, bien-sûr, from Beaujolais. As a result, all the wines show very “classic” French varietal character. All the wines are vinified under the direct supervision of master winemaker Fréderic Maignet. A native of the Beaujolais area, Fréderic is also chief winemaker for the Beaujolais producer Château de la Terrière. The inspiration for the name “L’Agnostique” came years ago from the original cépage, a blend of Gamay and Syrah, which combines the soft fruit of Gamay with the spicy meatiness of Syrah. There are many classic cépages in France - in Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvingon/Merlot/Petit- Verdot/Cabernet Franc, in the Southern Rhone, Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre/Cinsault - but Gamay/Syrah is not one of them. Incredibly, the blend works - beautifully - but because of its non-classic nature, the name “L’Agnostique” was coined, and stuck. Gradually the range was increased to include Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and a delicious Cinsault rosé in addition to the original Gamay/Syrah. These are simple and delicious wines that are not to be fussed over. Take them with a croque monsieur or moules-frites, soupe a l'oignon or roast chicken at your favorite French bistro. Bring them home by the dozen, and make sure to have a couple bottles of Chardonnay and Rosé in the fridge at all times. You’ll find that L’Agnostique pleases all palates and will be your go-to wine for any occasion.

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