Lucy Rosé of Pinot Noir Monterey California 750ml.

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The Pisoni family is recognized for farming and producing exceptional wines from their Pisoni Estate and Lucia wine labels. Lucy rosé of Pinot Noir accompanies this family of wines and adds another goal: that of joining in the fight against breast cancer.

Crafting a single exquisite and beautiful rosé wine of Pinot Noir each year comes with careful thought and meaningful purpose. Lean, elegant and crisp with a delicate complexity, Lucy is not just a rosé—she’s an exception to the rule.

Lucy is born from only estate fruit—a rarity for a rosé. Hand-harvested in our vineyard, the Pinot Noir grapes are then hand-sorted upon arrival at our winery. Small-scale blends are then created for meticulous tastings to discern the best wine, from which we’ll create our sophisticated rosé.

Most rosés are produced by one of two methods: Whole Cluster Pressing or Saignée. But Lucy is not like most rosés; she is the culmination of both methods. First, fruit is sent directly to the press to be squeezed, where immense measure is taken to retain only the most delicate and aromatic juice. Then, a small amount of juice is drained from a tank of grape clusters, known as the Saignée technique, giving it a slightly more pronounced color. The marriage of these two traditional approaches create a uniquely delicate rosé like no other.

A dedicated set of old barrels then hold Lucy safe, cultivating a slight amount of texture and roundness without the wood flavor. Upon sleeping for 3 months, our beautiful Lucy is bottled in clear glass, allowing her color to be admired in full view.

In 2006, Lucy Millman, a breast cancer survivor, was browsing the wine shelves of a local store looking for something special. Spotting our Lucy rosé, the bottle seemingly spoke to her. Upon picking it up, she discovered they shared more than just a name; they both were committed to the fight against breast cancer. It was kismet. Contacted with this special discovery, we immediately donated to Lucy Millman’s fund for The Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. Over a decade later, as we continue to grow, we proudly continue to contribute to Lucy’s fund as well as the sampling of charities listed below. This worthy cause will forever have our unwavering support.

Breast Cancer affects nearly 1 in 8 women like Lucy Millman in the United States alone. Committed to help bring this staggering statistic down, we’re donating $1 of every bottle sold to breast cancer aid and research.

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